Born: 1956, Tehran, Iran

Education: Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Nahid Vassei started her art career in 1981 under the supervision of Master Artist Taha Behbahani, who is the founder of surrealism and Metaphysics in Iran. It was this Eastern philosophy, which inspired Nahid and gave her a new vernacular to express her thoughts and emotions. In spite of life’s challenges, she continuously seeks beauty, and with the help of form, figure and color, finds ways to express her inner thoughts and emotions.

Nahid Vassei Biography
Nahid Vassei Biography

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In her works, she tries to move the viewer away from the immediate environment, and transform her/him to a world of dreams and splendor. She hopes her work creates a feeling of hope, contentment, and freedom. Because she believes we live in a world where malice is omnipresent, the responsibility of an artist is to express the beauty within every object and being. She maintains that art should take viewers to a peaceful place, even if for a few moments, beyond the material world, and expose them to the direction of existential energy.

Entering the world of art, and searching for its complex dimensions, was a new beginning in her life.

This was the start of a path to which there is no ending.

  Life is a curious journey

      It flows like a raging river

          It is about being, moving, and becoming free

              It is about love , passion, and amazement

                  It runs and flows

                      And we must give ourselves fully to it